Navin Raheja draws inspiration from Tigers at Jim Corbett

Navin Raheja, Founder, Raheja Developers is a nature enthusiast and action junkie. He has been on various adventurous trips in his life. But a destination that is very close to his heart is Jim Corbett National Park.This is because it reminds him of the old days when he used to visit the national park with his brother on a scooter. He talks fondly of those days and reminisces those memories with a warm heart. He still remembers places like Thandi Sarak, the rare location of Dhikala where he has spotted tigers many times and Ramnagar. He clearly remembers the encounter with a tiger at Jim Corbett when he was on a safari with his wife and his kid.

He clearly recalls  that the family was travelling in a Fiat car when out of nowhere, a tiger jumped in front of the car. The family was startled but Mr. Navin  Raheja was calm. He did not panic and waited for the majestic animal to walk away. The best thing about nature and the animals is that they don’t harm you until you harm them first. Navin Raheja made sure he stayed calm and not infuriate the tiger. Even on his latest trip to Jim Corbett national Park this year, he had an unusual encounter with a tiger.

He was travelling in a jeep with his brother and nephew when they heard a frantic set up among the monkeys sitting atop the trees, a clear signal that a tiger was in vicinity. They got down from their vehicles and walked a little ahead. Years of his experience had taught Mr. Navin Raheja that a tiger will hardly come out of hiding if he observes a vehicle there. So they walked a little and were surprised on seeing three tigers- a tigress and two grown cubs. The tigress attacked them but they carefully stepped back and did not panic. The ferocious animal went its own way. But this incident again infused a confidence in Mr. Navin Raheja that if he has the strength to confront a tiger, he can take on any adverse situation in his business. All these years as the Founder of Raheja Developers, this virtue has always come in handy.




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